General Puppy Info:
Our dogs are part of our family here & we are excited for them to become part of yours! Being a small breeder we can spend more one on one time with our females & puppies during their beginning chapter. We are very fortunate to live on a family farm where they get lots of room to run! We finalized our new facilities for them in the beginning of August 2021. This has allowed the dogs to have a climate controlled environment along with keeping it more sanitary.  Learn more about each one on our " Sire & Dams" page. They each have a unique personality! Our puppies will have learned how to jump on a step, go through a doggy door, play in water, drink out of multiple options, various toys to stimulate learning growth, noise stimulation, introduced to farm animals & been loved by kids! They will be well acclimated for their new homes. We also lightly start them with the "misty method" potty training starting at 4 weeks. This will make potty training much easier when they reach their new home. Our dogs/puppies are kept on a feeding schedule. We feed only a high grade dog food.  As we grow in this exciting adventure we will continue to strive to learn more of this fascinating designer breed. We would love to say that they won't shed but reality is they are minimal shedders. Regular baths and brushings at home is highly recommend to decrease this issue. Finding the perfect home for each puppy is our upmost priority. With the guidance from several veterinarian's we are excited to only improve our program for the future!
Below you will find all the facts leading up to the arrival at your home…

Vaccination & Worming Schedule

-Pyrantel wormer at 2,4 & 6 weeks
-4 weeks Intertrac 3(Bordetella)
-5 weeks Neopar (Parvo)
-6 & 8 weeks - Nobivac (Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type @ Influenza, Parvovirus)
-7 weeks Panacure wormer 3-5 consecutive days

   All our Mini Bordoodle puppies will include a microchip; registration form will be sent in each puppy packet at pickup.

Puppies will be up to date on vet checks & vaccinations. They will come with a 2 year health guarantee. Puppy care packet will be sent with each puppy. It will include all shot records, deworming, proper care instructions, and any future info that may be needed for your puppies healthy future.   

With costs rising and products becoming harder to get. We have recently decided to make a flat rate we felt would cover rising cost but still be an affordable adoption rate for families. We want to be fair to everyone and feel like this is the right decision. Our dogs are part of us here and we'd be lost without then. We want to be able to pass on those blessings of a great companion dog to you as well; at an affordable price. 

 Ready to Go Home….
After your puppy turns 8 weeks of age, your pup will be ready to go home. You are welcome to pick up your puppy directly from us, or we can arrange delivery.

Picking Up Your Puppy options:
If you are coming here directly to pick up your puppy, a specific day and time should be scheduled to ensure that your puppy is prepped and ready to go. If you are flying, we have several major airports within an hour drive. Please know that if your travel time
is limited, we can arrange to bring your puppy to the airport according to your schedule. NOTE: Many round trip tickets can be arranged at very low prices when booked a few weeks in advance. Puppy Flight Nanny - If your schedule does not allow you to come here in person, we can arrange for your puppy to fly with a "Puppy Flight Nanny" in the cabin of the plane to a major airport near you. The cost of this service is determined at time of scheduling a date(estimated $650). With this service, you'll need to meet the Puppy Flight Nanny at the designated airport to receive your pup. Ground Delivery available - rate to be determined on distance arrangements. 

If you have questions feel free to contact us.
If you are interested in starting your adoption application please click on "Adoption Process" button below. 

Thank you! Brooke