Introducing our Doggy Pals...


Border Collie - Female 34 lbs
She is the smallest most petite female we have. We bought her in TX almost 4 years ago & I fell in love with her personality. She's so athletic and naturally intelligent  She absolutely loves playing in water! She also loves working cattle & goats! She also likes pumpkin roll!!! Just don't ask Paisley about that story!!!

Retired: Petee

Border Collie -Female 42 lbs
Retired-Petee has been around our house the longest. She has raised a few ABCA litters through the years. She has lots of endurance. She would rather be outside than inside, but she won't turn down any extra attention if you leave the door open! She enjoys a good swim in the pond on a hot day.


Border Collie - Female 40 lbs
She is almost 4. She's the young one of the bunch! She is still learning the ropes and learning to listen..she gets distracted some thanks to our sons goats!!! She is an amazing momma & loves her babies so much. She is also the tallest one of our females. She comes from a long line of stock dog trial champions. 


Mini Poodle - Male 14 lbs
He is owned by some good friends of ours. Talk about a good boy right here he is! It is hard not to fall in love with his gentleman personality. He knows when it's time to chill and when to play. He absolutely loves a good beef stick if you are by the grocery store! Frisbee catching is his favorite game.